Why Participate at P2W on February 26, 2021?

 Small Changes. Big Impact.

Join your peers at this powerful education day specifically tailored for women HCPs focusing on resiliency, personal wellness, stress and change.

Why Participate?

Women Healthcare Professionals face unique challenges – both professionally and personally. The Power2Women conference has been specifically created to address your challenges and provide you with evidence-based ideas, strategies and solutions to overcome them…as well as provide a unique environment to learn and network with peers.


of Women HCPs* feel there is a High/Very High Need for a conference

that specifically addresses the needs of women healthcare professionals.


Positive Mental Health Tips/Attitude 92%

Relieving Work Related Stress 91%

Happiness at Work 89%

Overcoming Burnout 89%

Leadership Skills 75%

Communication Skills 79%

Source: P2W Needs Assessment Fall 2019

Who Should Attend?

  • All women in a HCP role
  • Women in affiliated roles in FHT’s and other primary care networks
  • Women in hospitals
  • Women Providing Long Term or Home Care
  • and yes…men are welcome to attend!

You should attend if you are a….

Family Physician, Nurse Practitioner, RN, RPN, PSW, Pharmacist, Pharmacist Assistant, Radiologist, Medical Receptionist, Patient Care Associate, Dietitian, Chiropractor, Naturopath, Paramedic, EMT, Specialist, Medical Assistant, Medical Student, Physiotherapist, Psychotherapist, Palliative Care Worker

...or any other HCP!

Can I Claim Any Credits?

This virtual conference is not intended to be a continuing medical education conference and therefore is not accredited/certified. However, many accrediting bodies do have additional learning and reflective learning credits that you could apply for after attending Power2Women.

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